SWTOR Scratch The Surface

SWTOR Scratch The Surface is the third Macrobinoculars mission that you automatically receive upon completing the mission Groundwork. This mission should be completed before you continue on with the seeker mission Weapons of Chaos. Scratch The Surface mission takes place on planet Quesh. After locating and identifying all Transmitters, your goal is to infiltrate into the Sewage Treatment Facility. Inside the Facility, your determination to finish this mission will be tested with a series of mind puzzles, in order to reach the end of the mission and defeating elite creature Stangg.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters on Quesh

Transmitter No.1
Transmitter No.2
Transmitter No.3

Infiltrate the Sewage Treatment Facility

Entrance that leads to Sewage Treatment Facility can be found near the Transmitter No.3. Small passage between two large white rock blocks (X: 630 ; Y: 613) leads to the entrance.The First Obstacle
Since the gas from a Valve Cap does not allow you to pass by, in order to redirect that pressure, open another Pressure Valve Cap. The First Pressure Valve Cap can be found at the end of the Valve Cap pipe you are trying to turn off.The Second Obstacle
The Second Pressure Valve Cap is high in the air, inside the room you are trying to get in.The Third Obstacle
The next Pressure Valve Cap is on the ground pipe, to the right from the one you are trying to avoid.STL The First Obstacle
In order to go through a blocked gate, destroy the Ray-Shielded Gate Controls on other side. You will achieve this by throwing some fruits from the nearby Fragrant Sewer Fruit. Simply pick it up, and throw it on the Ray-Shielded Gate Controls. The nearby Starving Sewer Lurker will destroy the Gate Controls.STL The Second Obstacle
The same rule from the previous chapter can be applied here as well. This time you should free Starving Sewer Lurker first. The Pressure Valve gas will not allow him to reach the Ray-Shielded Gate Controls. Activate the Pressure Valve Cap to the right from the Ray-Shielded Gate Controls. Fragrant Sewer Fruit is inside the next room, near the gate you are trying to go through.STL The Third Obstacle
The same rule from the first Macrobinoculars mission with laser beams Shroud of Ruin applies here as well. Destroy Laser Defense Grid Generator in order to continue with the mission.

Locate the Local Transmission Source

As soon as you enter the next room, Starving Sewer Lurker will try to eat you. This 42,265 hp creature makes high damage, thus, be prepared.

The First Obstacle
Destroy the first panel on the ceiling, then climb up on its crushed part in order not to be harmed by the electricity. Repeat once more with another panel. After the second panel, you are suppose to run to its end, but you can get hit by the electricity, if you do not have some sort of speed movement upgrades. Electricity can make a huge damage, thus, be sure to have full health pool before going toward the end.The Second Obstacle
In order to turn off red laser beams, you are suppose to destroy nearby Ray-Shielded Master Laser Grid Controls. This is only possible upon destroying two Electrostatic Capacitors that you can find bellow the Ray-Shielded Master Laser Grid Controls. Destroy the first one from range distance, and proceed to the second one in melee.

Defeat Stangg

You can easily defeat Stanng. The proof for this statement can be found on the screenshot where is shown that even I killed him with my alt:)

Search Stangg’s Dataframe for Information

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