Swtor Raid on Arcanum

Swtor Raid on Arcanum is the third seeker droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Defending the Arcanum. This mission will take you to imperial outpost The Arcanum. While following Lord Tagriss prepare for many tricky jumps, enemy ambushes, strong elite mobs. Be sure not to fall down into a gap while jumping from one platform to another, since you are going to be returned to a starting position outside of this phase.

Location of The Arcanum

From your spaceship, travel to the northeastern part of a map, Seat of Empire. There is The Arcanum Outpost, you are supposed to travel to.

Stop the Dread Guard Raid on Arcanum

Upon entering Specimen Storage Complex of The Arcanum, you will be faced with couple of enemy ambushes, until you reach the end of the first platform.

Follow Lord Tagriss

Following Lord Tagriss will put you in the situations where you should make tricky jumps over a gaps between platforms. Be sure to check them out first, because some of them are hidden and it is hard to spot them between some platforms. You will come across a couple of enemy ambushes here as well, Unknown Creature Tentacles, and a lot of jumping.

Defeat Muur’s Patient Zero

Patient Zero does huge damage, and also has Perpetual Cell Division buff that heals him over a period of time. Lucky for you, he does not have a lot of health, and he can be down quickly if you organize well. Save you resources for interrupting one of his two spells, when he jumps back and summons four Propegated Rakling, bring them down fast, since their combine damage attacks might be lethal.

Note: Because of a gap between container with Patient Zero and a platform you are jumping from, it may happen that your companion will stay behind, on a platform, and not be able to help you during the fight. Resummon him/her before facing Patient Zero.

Follow Lord Tagriss

After surviving near death, Patient Zero is going to destroy one side of a container, and open you a passage to the rest of the mission. It might seem tempting to push Patient Zero off the platform, but don’t do that before he opens the passage. A few gaps here as well, many enemy ambushes, and two large jumping parts. This part leads you to the end of this mission.

Defeat Akris Veng

Akriss Veng has a Shadow Killer buff that makes you bleed, regenerates his power and unlocks new abilities. Keeping this in mind, you can burn him down with your defensive and offensive cool downs while letting him hit you, or just kite him down from the distance. His ability Ravage can be interrupted.

Mission Rewards

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2 Responses to Swtor Raid on Arcanum

  1. Comment by Warning made on March 1, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    Don’t bother with this botched by amateurs mission until the pathetic jumps are removed or alternatives are added, such as leaping abilities (which some classes like sorcerers do not have)

    It’s an MMO not Mario Bros you Bioware morons!

  2. Comment by Shocking made on September 8, 2014 at 3:04 am

    This has to be one of the most agravating unplayable missions in this game. The rakghul is way too OP for I could not get past him no matter which companion I used. I am ditching this one. Not worth the time to do it.