Swtor No Place Left To Hide

Swtor “No Place Left To Hide” is the fifth seeker droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Hunting Through The Shadows. After you visit Alderaan, Balmorra and Voss, it’s time for Belsavis. You are suppose to enter Ruptured Vault in order to infiltrate the Dread Guard Sanctum. Chasing Lord Tagriss will face you with two major elite enemies, and couple of strong and normal ones. This is a short mission.

Infiltrate the Dread Guard Sanctum on Belsavis

Take a taxi to Republic Wilderness Outpost Speeder, from there head south towards transporter then to Frozen Transport Center. From there, keep going south toward the mission objective point entrance. Ruptured Vault entrance will take you to rakata transporter and Dread Guard Sanctum

Find Lord Tagriss

During this part you should defeat few enemies.

Defeat Dread Guardsman Varrow

Dread Guardsman Varrow is an easy enemy. Hit him as much as possible until he performs Unleashing Darkstaff ability. After that, Varrow becomes shielded by darkness, and immune to damage and control effects. At this point, keep your distance from him all the time, and kill enemies that comes from containers around you. After a couple of waves of enemies, Varrow’s health bar will be depleted to about 40%. Buff that made him immune to damage will disappear, and you can finish him off.

Find Lord Tagriss

Just one more group of enemies that should be defeated, while trying to find Lord Tagriss.

Defeat Dread Guardsman Avarok

Although Avarok has two kinds of abilities (Lighting Strike that can be interrupted and Force Choke, which cannot be interrupted), the fight itself should be completed without any problems.

Trace Lord Tagriss’s Holocall

Use nearby holoterminal to secure connection.

Mission Reward

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