Swtor MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance Tython

Swtor MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance Tython achievement can be found under Legacy > Achievements > Location > Tython > Exploration > Droid Reconnaissance: Tython. This achievement counts for 10 achievement points, and it is a part of main Droid Reconnaissance Achievement called The Droid’s You’re Looking For (Legacy > Achievements > Location > General > Macrobinoculars). Marked locations on the map are the areas from where you can spot MCR-99 Droids.

Swtor MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance Tython

1. Droid Position

Jedi Temple – level 2, near Transit Shuttle, point the view toward east.

2. Droid Position

The Forge Remnants, Southern Tython, above a ruins (near pond).

3. Droid Position

Master’s Retreat, at The Gnarls taxi pad, point your view toward Master’s Retreat. Droid is above it.
Swtor MCR-99 Droid Reconnaissance Tython

Source: Official MCR-99 droid locations (hidden planetary achievements), MCR-99 Droid Locations post 2.0 on Swtor official Forums. We would like to thank SWTOR community members for all additional information.

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