SWTOR Life Day Parcel Droid Guide

SWTOR Parcel Droid is Life Day Event mission that lasts from December 16, 2014 – until January 6, 2015 (begins and ends at 2AM PST/ 10AM GMT). During this period Parcel Droids appear on Dromund Kaas, Coruscant and Nar Shaddaa. They are level 52-60 droids, friendly, and if you throw a snowball at them you have a small chance to get a Snow-Covered Parcel. Parcel Droids disappear after 5 minutes and respawn on some other location.

They have a very low chance to respawn as “Overheated” droids that attack anyone who gets close. If you throw a snowball at them you have a chance to get one of four new Life Day Holo-Trees and become a “Holiday Hero!“.

  • Red Life Day Holo-Tree (NEW!)
  • Blue Life Day Holo-Tree (NEW!)
  • Pink Life Day Holo-Tree (NEW!)
  • Green-Gold Life Day Holo-Tree (NEW!)
  • “Holiday Hero” title (NEW!)

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