SWTOR Greet the Overwatch Guide

SWTOR Greet the Overwatch achievement is introduced with Bounty Contract Week. This legacy achievement gives 10 legacy points, and can be found under Legacy > Achievements > Bounty Contract Week > General. In order to complete the achievement, you should successfully complete a short jumping puzzle in Cartel Bazaar area. Cartel Bazaar can be accessed from Elevator at the Northern Carrick Station, Republic Fleet, or at Southern Vaiken Spacedock, Imperial Fleet. Even though this is a short jumping puzzle, it has a lot of tricky jumps that makes it really hard. Our screenshot guide will help you complete Greet the Overwatch legacy achievement and find Cartel Hangar Sniper.

1. Reach the top of that central “tent” with pink signs

2. After reaching the hardest part of the puzzle (screenshot no. 3), mount up and jump over a gap

3. Proceed to the Sniper carefully

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