Swtor Gaining Ground

Swtor Gaining Ground is the forth macrobinoculars droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Expanding the Search. This mission takes you to Corellia and Hoth planets. It does not matter in what order you decide to complete them. Be sure not to skip seeker droid missions on the same planets. This guide can help you locate macrobinoculars objective marks even before visiting the objective point. It can save your precious time.


Transmitter No.1
Map Location: Blastfield Shipyards. As soon as you leave Shipwright Auxilliary Spaceport, turn right, Transmitter is at the top of a ship in the distance.Transmitter No.2
Map Location: Blastfield Shipyards. This Transmitter is on a big pillar, across the space ship, and close to a turret.Transmitter No.3
Map Location: Labor Valley. This Transmitter is next to a big chimney, on a long metal pillar.Transmitter No.4
Map Location: Axial Park. This Transmitter is at the top of the building, that is directly across the tunnel you left, if you follow a road from taxi station, toward quest objective mark.Transmitter No.5
Map Location: Government District. This Transmitter is on the roof edge of a building with a big antenna.Transmitter No.6
Map Location: Government District. This Transmitter is on the building with a huge space ship above the rooftop.


Transmitter No.1
Map Location: Whiterock Wastes. This Transmitter is at the top of the bunker that you leave after arriving at the planet Hoth.Transmitter No.2
Map Location: Clabburn Tundra. Near south road which connect higher and lower platform of Clabburn Tundra, (the closest road to Jagged Plains Republic Outpost), place your view in the distance, toward south east. There is a Transmitter standing alone, on a rock platform.Transmitter No.3
Map Location: Whiterock Wastes. Under a bridge that connects north part of southeast plateau with rest of Whiterock Wastes, you can find Transmitter No.3 .Transmitter No.4
Map Location: Glacial Fissure. Near Outpost Senth, behind a big radar, you can spot a transmitter, which is on the top of the steep mountain.Transmitter No.5
Map Location: Highmount Ridge. Near a pipeline, close to a small radar, on the top of the small building, you can spot this transmitter.Transmitter No.6
Map Location: The Starship Graveyard. When you stand between two parts of a big broken Starship, place your view toward east, you should easily notice transmitter in the distance.


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