Swtor Dark Design

Swtor Dark Desing is the second to last macrobinoculars droid mission. Even though this mission is a heroic one, you don’t need a tank in your group in order to finish it. You will need a healer and a full group for the last mission, but not for this one. Three man group with a healer is just enough. This mission is quite unique and fun to play, but if you do not prefer jumping parts, you might not like it.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters on Nar Shaddaa

Transmitter No.1
Location: Northwestern Nikto Sector.Transmitter No.2
Location: North Promenade.Transmitter No.3
Location: Center east Shadow Town.

Locate the Local Transmission Source

The entrance is in the South Network Security District. Upon using elevator to reach the Private Landing Site – Docking Area, you will come across a couple of obstacles in the room in front of you. First, you will confront four elite droids level 54. After defeating them Maki’voro will activate additional defense mechanism. In order to go through the next door, you need to deactivate it. When a blue circle appears under your feet, party members should quickly move toward two circular power sources, and guide the blue circle on them (look at the screenshots below). After 1-2 seconds, the circle will change and you should run away as far as possible.

Follow Maki’voro’s Data Skiff

After defeating a couple of enemy ambushes, that you came across while following Maki’voro, reach the mission objective and use a Landing Platform. After landing on a space ship, jump onto small and big space ships toward the main space boat, where you can find Maki’voro.

Board Maki’voro’s Data Skiff

Jumping onto the space ships can be a true challenge, but here are some helpful tips for you. When someone reaches the huge space ship with a Transport Antenna, look up and click on the Antenna, and you will create a checkpoint. The rest of the group can use speeders located on the previous ship to reach the checkpoint. This will significantly reduce the level of frustration, if you had a series of bad jumps. Abilities that can make you leap to your party member, pull one of your member toward you and etc. can be used as well. At the bigger space ships, both you and your enemies can be knocked down (be careful especially when IR-77 creature is around). Jumping to the last space ship, where Maki’voro is located, can be the toughest challenge, since the previous space ships move back and forward, up and down, and you need to be very careful with your jump.

Defeat Maki’voro

You can easily defeat Maki’voro if you obey several rules. When he spawns a bomb under your feet, move quickly or you will be knock back. Try to interrupt every skill which he casts. You will also face many strong difficulty probes The specific ones are Nanoshield Probe that regain Maki’voro’s Nanite Shield. Don’t try to kill them since they have a lot of HP, just interrupt them and they will vanish.

Search Maki’voro’s Dataframe for Information

This Dataframe is behind the Maki’voro, at the end of the space ship. You can find shuttle controls on this platform, which can transfer you to the beginning of the instance.

Mission Reward

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2 Responses to Swtor Dark Design

  1. Comment by Gary Bryant made on January 29, 2015 at 7:53 pm

    This is way to hard if playing game in solo mode, should not make you play jumping games, not a fan at all.

    • Comment by Krey made on October 7, 2015 at 12:18 pm

      I agree it’s super hard to solo, especially the boss; but I really liked the whole car top jumping. Like a scene straight outta the films.