Swtor Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract

Swtor Coruscant Kingpin Bounty Contract takes place in Justicar Territory, Coruscant. After talking with Tam Daral at Senate Plaza, Coruscant Spaceport, you should release Bounty Seeker Probes in Justicar Territory, find them and scan, and at the end lure out and kill or capture Samovan Bann. This boss can be hard when soloing if you do not have proper gear, or proper tactics. For killing him or capturing for the first time, you directly participate in Crime Lord Legacy Achievements, and indirectly in “Wanted: Dead or Alive” = “Bring ’em All In” + “Take ’em All Down” Legacy Achievements.

[Group] Coruscant: Kingpin Bounty Walk through

Speak to Tam Daral on Coruscant

As soon as you land on Coruscant, and leave space ship area, you can find Tam Daral at Southwestern Senate Plaza area.

Release Bounty Seeker Probes Within Target Region

Area where you should release Bounty Seeker Probes is close to the taxi station.

Find and Scan Bounty Seeker Probes: 0/5

Releasing them in this area will help you find them more easily, since there are a small number of trees.

Lure Out and Kill or Capture Samovan Bann

As soon as you approach the middle of the platform where mission marker guides you, and the Sturdy Looking Crates at it’s middle, Samovan Bann lands from the north, blasting every low level Justicar at that platform. This boss hits hard, and has two combined attacks that can easily push you over the platform. The first one, is when he pulls target toward him, and then immediately kicks it off, knocking it away from him. This attacks can cause knocking players off the platform, if they are located near the edge. This fight is even more stressed with additional wave of adds that come from the same direction that Samovan Bann came from.

There is a tactic you can use in order to counter the boss mechanics. There is as short bridge that connects Samovan Bann’s platform with the bigger, main platform from where you come from. This short bridge goes uphill. Use this fact and face the boss uphill, while positioning yourself downhill on the bridge. Standing like this should prevent boss kicking you like a pinball, and keep you safe in one place. This is a perfect position since the adds he spawns, do not even come this far, leaving you alone with Samovan Bann. You might need to reposition him after he knocks you a bit, in order to keep him on the bridge. Kiting him even further to the Justicar Territory will just make him dissapear. Keep him on that bridge!

Return to Tam Daral on Coruscant, Turn in Completed Contract

Remember to use BBA Fleet Transport Authorization at the right upper corner of your screen, in order to return to your fleet faster.

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