SWTOR Contraband Resale Corporation Reputation Guide

Contraband Resale Corporation ReputationWith the latest SWTOR game update 1.7.2 a new reputation Contraband Resale Corporation was added. For the first time BioWare created a reputation which can be leveled via Cartel Market items. The weekly cap for Contraband Resale Corporation is 36000 Reputation points, and can be achieved with new packs: Regulator’s Contraband Pack, Enforcer’s Contraband Pack and Hypercrate Enforcer’s Enforcer’s Contraband Pack which contain green, blue or purple level of Reputation trophies:
  • Banned Holovid (green reputation trophy) gives 270 Reputation Points (180 without bonus points)
  • Prohibited Medical Supplies (blue reputation trophy) gives 630 Reputation Points (420 without bonus points)
  • Confiscated Artwork – (purple reputation trophy) gives 1440 Reputation Points (960 without bonus points)
swtor contraband packsThe Contraband Packs can be also purchased from the GTN with credits. Once you increase your Reputation Rank and gain new Cartel Market Certificate item head to the Fleet (Crew Skills) and look for three new vendors.

Reputation Items – Teekwo Contraband Resale Vendor

The list of items that can be purchased from Teekwo Vendor: C2 N2 customization butler, Diplomats meditation hoverchair, Overlord command throne, Mask of nihilus, Rvan mask, Ruddyscale kowakian monkey lizard, Shadow nekarr cat, Ubrikki crimson skull, Speckled blurrg, Satele Shan holostatue.

Reputation Items – Tol Feshin Reputation Vendor

The list of items that can be purchased from Tol Feshin: Aratech Eclipse speeder, BK-0 Combustion Set (Belt, Boots, Chestplate, Face Mask, Gauntlets, Greaves, Wristguards), Elara Dorne Customization 9, Elite Regulator Set (Belt, Body Armor, Boots, Bracers, Faceguard, Gloves, Pants), Enforcer’s Eyeguard, Resplendent Crown of Avarice, Tharan Cedrax Customization 9, Voss Dignitary Set (Boots, Bracers, Gloves, Lower Robes, Robes, Sash).

Reputation Items – Gula Sem Embargoed Items Vendor

The list of items that can be purchased from Gula Sem: CZ-18X Avalanche Chestplate, CZ-27K Stealth Ops Suit, Dire Eliminator’s Chestguard, Dire Overlord’s Vestments, Dire Taskmaster’s Robe, Dire Warmaster’s Body Armor, Emergency Responder’s Overcoat, Guard Captain’s Chestplate, Honored Adept’s Shroud, Honored Champion’s Robe, Honored Master’s Vestments, Honored Saberist’s Harness, MA-52 Med-Tech Chestplate, MA-53 Overwatch Chestplate.

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