SWTOR Contraband Cartel Pack Items

swtor contraband packs

The latest SWTOR Game Update 1.7.2 introduced new packs: Regulator’s Contraband Cartel Pack, Enforcer’s Contraband Cartel Pack and Hypercrate: Enforcer’s Contraband Cartel Pack which contains 24 Enforcer’s Contraband Cartel Packs. In the gallery below you can find and see what you can obtain from the Contraband Cartel Packs.

Experience Boost and Social Boost

Minor Space Mission Experience Boost, Minor Exploration Experience Boost, major Social Boost, Minor Social Boost, Minor Flashpoint Experience Boost, Minor Experience Boost, Minor Warezone Experience Boost.


Carth Onasi’s Set (Boots), Genteel Dress Set (Bottoms, Shoes), Organa Statesman’s Set (Coat, Gloves), Recovered Hero Set (Belt), Relaxed Jumpsuit Set (Pants), The Last Handmaden’s Set (Tunic), Darth Malak Set, Carth Onasi Set, The Last Handmaiden Set, Recovered Hero Set, Relaxed Jumpsuit Set, Genteel Dress Set, Organa Loyalist Set, Organa Statesman Set, Rist Statesman Set


Corellian Bunker Buster Aurek, Mantellian Peacemaker Aurek, Over-Tuned Conqueror’s Lightsaber, Tarisian Head Hunter Aurek


Blue Efficiency Scanner, Rascal’s Toothpick


Contraband Collector, Enforcer, Regulator


Aratech Nethian, Orlean Fortune Hunter, Cartel Recreational Skiff, Orlean Fortune Hunter, Cartel Luxury Skiff


Sublime Blurrg, GS-1 Sentry Droid (thanks Zul’drak from Hispania Republic), SP-RO Power Droid, Venomcrest Lylek

Reputation items

Banned Holovid, Prohibited Medical Supplies, Confiscated Artwork

Color Crystals

White, Purple


Musical Instrument 1


Jawagram: Awesome, Jawagram: May the Force be with you, Jawagram: Good Job, Jawagram: Nice Try, Jawagram: Party On, Kolto Tank

Some of the screenshots have been taken from swtor.com site

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