Swtor Closing In

Swtor Closing In is the sixth macrobinoculars droid mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Within Reach. This mission objectives takes place on three different planets. There is no specific order in what you are suppose to do them, since they all end with mission [Heroic 4] Dark Design that takes place on planet Nar Shaddaa. Off course do not forget to finish appropriate seeker droid mission along this and any other macrobinoculars mission on same planet.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters On Alderaan

Transmitter No.1
Location: Alsakan Lowlands, Wardpost Duvaal. As soon as you land on Wardpost Duvaal Thranta, turn left, and look up in the air. You will notice a Transmitter No.1 .Transmitter No.2
Location: The Juran Mountains, Kingsroad Dale. South from Fort Alde you have a clear view at the Transmitter in the distance, located on the top of a building with reddish windows.Transmitter No.3
Location: Kaamos Territory, Larantha Footpath. Deep inside the Empire territory, facing Lerantha Dam, you will find the next Transmitter, on top of the Dam.Transmitter No.4
Location: The Glarus Valley, Riparian Bluffs. As soon as you land on the Panteer Refuge Thranta taxi station, head slightly to the west. The last Transmitter is at Castle Panteer, it is hard to notice it, thus, look at the screensot bellow the text and you can easily find it.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters On Balmorra

Transmitter No.1
Location: Bugtown. When you land on Balmorra, from Balmorra Orbital Station, point your view northwestern, Transmitter No.1 is at the top of the big pillar.Transmitter No.2
Location: Markaran Plains. Upper Markaran Outpost. When you land on Upper Markaran Outpost Skyhopper taxi station, point your view toward the south. There is transmitter in the distance at the lowest pillar.Transmitter No.3
Location: Sobrik. As soon as you enter Sobrik compound, you can spot Transmitter at the top of the highest left pillar.Transmitter No.4
Location: Sundari Flatlands, Box Canyon. From Upper Sundari Outpost Skyhopper, when you reach the point where you have a clear view toward the mission objective point, you can notice the last Balmorran Transmitter at the top of the tower in the distance.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters On Voss

Transmitter No.1
Location: The Old Paths, Serenity Valley. Transmitter No.1 is at the Shrine of Healing, the north-westernmost structure.Transmitter No.2
Location: The Pelath-Ri Marches, Hills of the Ancients. Near Kri-Ta Outpost, toward the North-West you can spot a Transmitter at the top of the upside down letter “U” building.Transmitter No.3
Location: The Nightmare Lands, Ghen’s Overlook. This Transmitter is at the tower inside Imperial Outpost, just east from Ghen’s Overlook.Transmitter No.4
Location: The Gormak Lands. Eastern Watchwoods. The last Transmitter is on the top of the big tent structure.

Mission Reward

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