Swtor Buried Evils

Swtor Buried Evils is the second seeker droids mission. For empire players the equivalent mission is Weapons of Chaos. It takes you to four different planets before it is completed. When you collect your first seeker droid seed, you are granted with a codex The Seeds of Rage. Seed that you need to collect looks as the seed from the codex.

Recover the Seed Buried on Taris

Location: The Brell Sediment, Lake Brell. At this location you can find a lot of level 53 creatures. Some of them are in a group of five, while few of champions patrol down the area.

Recover the Seed Buried on Tatooine

Location: The Dune Sea, The Alcove of Ruin. Entrance that leads to this area, is in the northernmost part of The Dune Sea. There are not so many creatures in this area but pay attention to them.

Recover the Seed Buried on Corellia

Location: Axial Park, Coronet Zoo. At this location there is only one creature. 700 000 hp creature called Lucky. He is patrolling over four corners of area.

Recover the Seed Buried on Hoth

Location: Glacial Fissure, Glacial Remnants. There are a few champion patrols in the area, while the non champion mobs remain stationary.

Mission Reward

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2 Responses to Swtor Buried Evils

  1. Comment by Michael made on August 29, 2014 at 7:05 pm

    I think it’s possible the sites change. While doing this quest with my Sith sorcerer I found the seed in the PVP area SSE of Outpost Salara.

    • Comment by Michael made on August 29, 2014 at 9:45 pm

      disregard, didn’t realize that drone picks up other items as well. The one for Tatooine was correct.

      For my Sith, the site of the seed is in the Jedi Enclave Expedition Site.