Swtor An Emerging Dread

Swtor An Emerging Dread is the fifth macrobinoculars mission in a story line. For empire players the equivalent mission is A Spy’s Secret. This mission takes place on planet Belsavis. After the first part where you are suppose to locate three transmitters, a new task is going to pop up. This part requires solving some puzzles, in order to continue with the mission.

Locate and Identify Transmitters on Belsavis

Transmitter No.1
Location: High Security Section. Going southeast from Republic Wilderness Oupost Speeder toward mission objective point, you can easily notice a transmitter in the distance.Transmitter No.2
Location: Ancient Prison Caverns, Outer Depths. High in the air, above the three metal pillars, there is Transmitter No.2 .Transmitter No.3
Location: The Tomb, Ancient Rakatan Keep. This transmitter is on a tight and high steeply mountain.

Locate the Source of the Local Transmission

Location: The Tomb, Ancient Rakatan Keep. At objective point location, you can spot broken entrance door, which leads to rakata transporter to Shroud Safehouse.

Find a Way Through the Laser Defense Grid

Activating the only available active Staged Generator Control (the second one from left to right) will open the doors.Activating new available active Staged Generator Control (the third one from left to right) will dispatch Maintenance Droids. After defeating them, and activating generator control again, you will receive a red message, saying that the generator is stabilized by overload inhibitor panels. We need to destroy them. You can find two of them, inside the rooms, you’ve opened with the first Staged Generator Control. After attacking them, return to the generator control again, and activate it, one more time.After successful activation, you will receive a fail message that system has engaged emergency heat sink because output levels are at maximum safe tolerance. If you do not destroy Emergency Heat Sink before activating the last generator control, you will be faced with even more Maintenance Droids this time. Emergency Heat Sink that should be destroyed can be found just above the door you went through in order to reach this room. Activate generator controls once more, and proceed.

Locate the Source of the Local Transmission

While defeating the enemies inside this area of Shroud Safehouse, you will be faced with two major mind puzzles.
The first one consist of passing through red laser beams entrance. Upon destroying Electrical Junction Box, you are suppose to input code sequence on Manual Security Override Panel. Solution to this problem is on a console behind the red laser beam entrance. Using your macrobinoculars, you can notice different Thermal Scan-Handprints, on three different colored panels. Following the unwritten rule, that the lowest Thermal Scan-Handprint degrees standard is the top input on our panel, you will find the solution 1-Red 2-Green 3-Yellow 4-Green.Another mind puzzle, is inside the room with three active Cryoban Storage Tanks. In order to go through the last blocked door, you will need to activate (flush) tanks, and reroute their flow on pipes above them, toward the door that leads to the last room. If you look up on pipes, you will notice a pipe with cold gas pouring out. Upon rerouting a flow toward the door, you will receive message Warning: Pipeline Pressure Exceeding Operational Bounds. Proceed to the door, and destroy Weakened Cryoban Pipe above them. This will freeze the door. It will turn on a new opportunity to attack and destroy Reinforced Security Bulkhead door.

Defeat Peej

Even though Peej was not expecting a company he will fight for his life. Interrupt his spells, and bring him down.

Search Peej’s Dataframe for Information

Mission Rewards

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    this was very helpful, that last tank was tricky, i must’ve scanned for it 4 times

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    hello , when i enter the tomb , none of those staged generators dont work ,they are just not blue as they should be , any suggestions why is this happening?:(

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      I had to scan them first with the macrobinoculars and they then became active.

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