Swtor Alderaan Kingpin Bounty Contract

Swtor Alderaan Kingpin Bounty Contract takes place in The Juran Mountains. Although the first part, where you should talk with Dariana Frayus takes place on different locations for Republic and Empire faction, releasing probes and hunting down Alderaan Kingpin Bounty Contract called Claw takes place at same position in The Juran Mountains. After talking with Darianna Frayus, you should release Bounty Seeker Probes in The Juran Mountains, find them and scan, and at the end lure out and kill or capture Claw. For killing him or capturing for the first time, you directly participate in Crime Lord Legacy Achievements, and indirectly in “Wanted: Dead or Alive” = “Bring ’em All In” + “Take ’em All Down” Legacy Achievements.

[Group] Alderaan: Kingpin Bounty

Speak to Darianna Frayus on Alderaan

This is the same NPC that you talk to during the Henchmen daily Alderaan mission.

Release Bounty Seeker Probes Within Target Region

Target region where you should release bounty seeker probes is Northeast from House Rist, The Juran Mountains.

Find and Scan Bounty Seeker Probes: 0/5

Area where you release Bounty Seeker Probes has plenty of trees, that block your view toward the probes.

Lure out and kill or Capture Claw

Claw shows up, upon interacting with Waylaid Transport, crashed space ship. Claw is range champion with attacks like Sweeping Gunfire, Charged Burst, and AoE attacks like Orbital Bombardment, and AoE attack that he does after he pulls everyone toward him and AoE that area. He also summons wave of three adds, that should be defeated fast enough, since they appears periodicaly. Avoid AoE attacks fast enough, use your cooldowns wisely, control number of adds, is a road toward the beating Claw successfully. Do not forget that you should only bring him to 10% in order to capture him.

Return to Darianna Frayus on Alderaan, Turn in Completed Contract

Remember to use BBA Fleet Transport Authorization at the right upper corner of your screen, in order to return to your fleet faster.

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