Swtor A Secret Revealed

Swtor A Secret Revealed is the third macrobinoculars mission in a story line. This mission should be completed before seeker mission “Buried Evils” (part where you need to visit Corellia and Hoth), since completing this mission will give you the forth macrobinoculars mission “Gaining Ground” which takes place on Corellia and Hoth.

Locate and Indentify Transmitters on Quesh

Transmitter No.1
This one can be found, just south from a pound where mission objective takes you. It is on a rock plateau, high in the air.Transmitter No.2
You can find this one, near Imperial Outpost, standing at a spherical looking structure, high in the air.Transmitter No.3
Transmitter No.3 is at the top of the castle looking compound, standing at the west edge of map.

Infiltrate the Sewage Treatment Facility

There is a small passage between two white boulders, that leads to Sewage Treatment Facility.Attack three Pressure Valve Caps, in order to reach an elevator that takes you to Sewage Treatment Level.Pick up fruit from Fragrant Sewer Fruit, and throw it at Ray-Shielded Gate Controls. Starving Sewer Lurker is going to destroy Gate Controls allowing you to go through.Attack Pressure Valve Cap, pick up fruit from Fragrant Sewer Fruit, and throw it at Ray-Shielded Gate Controls.Destroy Laser Defense Grid Generator in order to go through the door protected with red laser beams.

Locate the Local Transmission’s Source

As soon as you go through a red laser beams entrance, Starving Sewer Lurker will attack you.Destroy two panels on the ceiling, one by one, then climb up on fallen parts in order to avoid damage from electricity.Defeat one of two IR-15 Mobile Security Platform droid and his GW-01 Portable Power Unit adds, that will release IR-45 Eradicator Droid.In order to pass through a passage protected with many red laser beams, attack two Electrostatic Capacitors (attack the first one from the distance), under the platform. Ray-Shielded Master Laser Grid Controls can be destroyed only after attacking two Electrostatic Capacitors.

Defeat Stanng

Search Stangg’s Dataframe for Information

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  1. Comment by Kempler made on April 28, 2013 at 9:11 am

    Thank you it was a great help to finish the quest.

    • Comment by lokesh made on April 29, 2013 at 10:38 am

      You are welcome, thank you for visiting our website.

  2. Comment by Krallkrum made on January 31, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    For the longest time the entrance to sewer showed up on other side of map. I opened and closed map several times quickly to reset it to show in the proper location.