Republic First Fleet and Imperial Forward Command Reputations

SWTOR Game Update 2.6: Galactic Starfighter introduces two new reputations: Republic First Fleet and Imperial Forward Command. Both reputations are directly connected with a new flashpoint Kuat Drive Yards. Reputation trophies, items and prerequisite items can be obtained by completing some flashpoint quests, or by defeating rare mobs inside Kuat Drive Yards.

Reputation Vendor Location

In order to reach Starfighter Launch Deck where reputation vendors are stationed, proceed toward the Mission Departures Elevator on Main Fleet and travel to the Starfighter floor.

Reputation Items

  1. Starfighter Bomber Paint Job : Newcomer Standing; costs 1 KDY Construction Kit.
  2. KDY Orbital Lifter – speeder: Legend Standing; costs 12 KDY Construction Kits.
  3. KDY Shipwright’s Armor Set: Friend Standing; costs 325 000 credits in total.
  4. Model Space Mining Droid – pet: Newcomer Standing; costs 4 KDY Construction Kits.

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