Cartel Market Cosmetic Items Preview

With the introduction of the Cartel Market in SWTOR we got a chance to purchase some cool looking items that will possibly enhance that Star Wars feeling even more. Since the items in the Cartel Market are purchased by Cartel Coins you need to pay real money for (or get a limited supply as part of your monthly subscription) you will want to choose carefully which items you really want. To help you choose here is a collection of videos and screenshots from the game that can help you determine which item you just can’t live without.

Carbonite Chamber

  • Item link: Carbonite Chamber
  • Cartel Coins Cost: 720 CC
  • Function: You get healed while in the chamber. Can replace your standard out of combat self healing.

In-game description: Impress your friends by encasing yourself in carbonite!
Encase your character in Carbonite while using this effect.
The Carbonite Chamber will rapidly heal your character while out of combat.

Longspur Sportster

  • Item link: Longspur Sportster
  • Cartel Coins Cost: 720 CC
  • Function: Speeder mount that goes up to 110% if you have Speeder Piloting Rank 3.

In-game description: Purchase an adaptive Longspur Sportster speeder for your character.
Purchasing includes the Legacy Perk: Speeder Pilot I.
Increases movement speed based on Piloting Skill.
Unique pink, gray and white paint job.
This item is exclusive to the Cartel Market.

Longspur Sportster Speeder

Ivory Mouse Horranth

In-game description: Summon a friendly Ivory Mouse Horranth to follow you and observe your adventures.
Grants an Ivory Mouse Horranth mini-pet.
This is a passive companion and will not help you in combat.

Ivory Mouse Horranth pet

Rancor Holo-Replica

In-game description: Scare your enemies and intimidate friends by creating a Rancor Holo-Replica!
Using the item creates a Rancor Holo-Replica for a short duration.
This item is not consumed on use.

Although the following item is not placed within the Cosmetic section of the Cartel Market it deserves a honorary mention here for sheer cool factor. Ladies and gentlemen the Gamorrean Axe. You can find it in the Equipment section of the Cartel Market.

Gamorrean Axe

  • Item link: Gamorrean Axe
  • Cartel Coins Cost: 350 CC
  • Function: weapon (WARNING: you need to be able to use vibroswords to equip it)

In-game description: Wield the weapon favored by Gamorrean Mercenaries!
Total Stats: +51 Force Power.
Requires Vibrosword weapon proficiency.
Can be modified using Item modifications.

Gamorrean Axe

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