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X: -231, Y: -47

Additional information:

You will receive this Codex when you return to Do Zonn and finish the quest [HEROIC 2+] The Chamber of Speech

We would like to thank Kirk-Austin for additional information

Original Game Codex Text

Zabrak are near-human sentients from the planet Iridonia renowned for their independence and wandering spirit. They have distinctive facial horns, whose number and pattern denote which subspecies an individual Zabrak belongs to. Most Zabrak wear ritual facial tattoos, which vary from simple lines to more elaborate patterns. The designs can mark significant events in their lives, or merely be a matter of personal preference.After discovering space travel early in their civilization, they quickly colonized worlds throughout the Mid Rim and gained a reputation as pioneers and explorers. Zabrak are also skilled warriors, engaging in inter-clan competitions to hone their talents; their physiology, which includes a secondary heart and some resistance to pain, gives them surprising endurance in battle.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 8
Planet: Tython