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X: -208, Y: 1781

Additional information:

To get this entry you must kill the champion Yozusk Platesmasher. It is right beside the Yellow-Matrix Shard datacron ( white datacrone )

We would like to thank Baelaron ,Eulya and Keldaria for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Yozusks were originally referred to as “rock wardens” by the Sith when they arrived on Dromund Kaas, because they nested in the cliffsides around the jungle and because of the hard, rocky protrusions on their backs. Though they are extremely territorial, they primarily feed on animals living beneath the ground, which they dig up with their long arms. They are nocturnal creatures and rely primarily on their sense of smell in the darkness. They are incredibly strong, and many young thrill-seekers cut their teeth fighting the yozusks before moving on to the larger, more powerful gundarks.

key facts
Level: 11
Planet: Dromund Kaas