Womp Rat Fever

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Additional information:

This codex isn’t mission nor kill enemy. You need to get the rat fever disease. Group of womp rats that can infect it, can be found all over Tatooine.

For anyone who accidentally missed this when you were the appropriate level, and you find yourself struggling to get the womp rats to even hit you, much less infect you, there’s a level 50 neutral womp rat roaming in the PvP area that you should have an easier time with.

You can cure the Womp Rat Fever by buying Czerka VX-736 Injector. Human stimโ€™s vendor behind the taxi sells one (name is Phrague).

We would like to thank Jamie, dak, Ricardo Oliveira and romia for additional information’s.

Original Game Codex Text

Womp rat fever is the common name for a bacterial infection carried by the womp rats of Tatooine. Typically spread through the bite of an infected rat, womp rat fever is rare but extremely dangerous–early symptoms include decreased natural health regeneration (due to hemorrhaging from wounds) combined with coughing fits, muscle aches and chills. If untreated, womp rat fever is invariably fatal.Stim vendors on Tatooine carry injectors containing an antibacterial formula that can cure womp rat fever with one-hundred percent effectiveness. Anyone bitten by a womp rat and exhibiting signs of the fever should procure the cure as soon as possible. The formula also acts as a short-term vaccination, providing immunity to womp rat fever for a brief period.

key facts
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine