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X: -1082, Y: -699

Additional information:

Obtainable when you interact with Weequay lore object in Lower Promenade Market, Nar Shaddaa.

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Original Game Codex Text

Hailing from the Outer Rim planet Srilurr on the border of Hutt Space, the intimidating Weequays have served as foot soldiers and mercenaries for millennia. Weequay warriors under the command of Kossak the Hutt defeated infamous warlord Xim the Despot over twenty thousand years ago, securing the Weequays a reputation as one of the galaxy’s toughest species.Veteran soldiers joke that Weequays can survive headless or heartless, but not both. Such exaggerations expose a dim view of Weequay intelligence that ignores the capable military leaders and wise Jedi Masters who have come from this proud people.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Nar Shaddaa