Way of the Rishii

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X: 201, Y: -1802

Additional information:

Click the Rishii Totem inside the Rishii Village on Skyridge Island.

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Original Game Codex Text

Not much is known about the history of the avian Rishii, and that’s largely due to their peculiarly hands-off nature as a species. While they do pass on knowledge from generation to generation, the Rishii tend to have little interest in formally chronicling the course of events. They appear far more interested observing and assessing the nature of animals and other peoples.From day to day, many Rishii spend their time between fishing, crafting and family duties. More recently, they’ve taken to employing their uncanny talent for mimicry in grand productions devoted to the recreation of tall tales of the pirates who they now share their world with. Perhaps surprisingly, just as the Rishii have left the pirates to their own devices, so have the pirates opted not to disturb the Rishii. Even the planet’s most notorious pirate crew, the Ravagers, are content to leave the amiable Rishii to live their modest lives.

key facts
Level: 57
Planet: Rishi