Voss Commandos

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X: 182, Y: 2282

Additional information:

Found by clicking a box at X:182, Y:2282 Z:217 in The King’s Hall.The entrance to The King’s Hall is directly under giant King’s Cannon .Once your in there, go down , take right side , you will see the box on a little platform.

We would like to thank Xaldorna ,Ash , anna’rra and John for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

There is no real distinction between the Voss people and their armed forces. As the Voss are a small, isolated population surrounded by millions of belligerent Gormak, a term of military service as a Voss commando is mandatory for all adults. The commandos defend Voss-Ka and its people against the endless Gormak hordes and act as the city’s arbiters for minor disputes. Some Voss commandos choose to continue their service once their terms are over, ascending to the rank of officer.The simple fact of the Voss’s survival in the face of overwhelming Gormak numbers and hostility speaks to the skill of the Voss commandos. They are expert hand-to-hand combatants and peerless scouts, and because every Voss serves, every Voss adult is trained in self-defense. Having seen the Gormak menace firsthand, all adult Voss also understand and accept the sacrifices necessary for their society to survive.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss