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X: -124, Y: 273

Additional information:

As of patch 2.10 (9/9/2014): Click-able box, not far from where the shuttle lands on Voss from the Orbital Station.

We would like to thank NMac and others for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Voss are a newly discovered humanoid species with a strong affinity for the Force–though they don’t recognize it as the Force. Confined to a single city, Voss-Ka, on their homeworld, they possessed a pre-spaceflight level of technology until their recent discovery by the Republic and the Empire. Today, they have begun integrating outsider advances into their own culture, but remain isolated and backward compared to the rest of the galaxy.Voss society is difficult for outsiders to comprehend, as they are guided in everything they do by the infallible visions of their Force-using Mystics. This unwavering obedience is often misinterpreted as a stoic fatalism or a lack of emotion, but beneath their reserved words and placid exterior the Voss are a passionate and devoted people.The Voss share their world with the far larger Gormak population, and considered the tribal Gormak to be little more than beasts. While the Voss readily acknowledge the threat the Gormak represent to their society and constantly war against them, there is never any consideration given to wiping them out entirely–as Mystic law clearly states that the last Gormak must never die.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Voss