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X: -1280, Y: -1480

Additional information:

Got this from killing a Vorantikus Patriarch.

Another location:
(X:272 Y:-848) Th Pelath-Ri Marches, Southern Steps.
(X:-1118, Y:160) The Pelath-Ri Marches.

We would like to thank Empio, Durty Jonny and Wriwnas for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Sitting undisputed atop the Voss food chain is the terrifying vorantikus, the largest and deadliest predator on the planet–if not the entire sector. Heavily muscled and perpetually hungry, vorantiki are lone hunters that stalk the wilds in an endless search for their next meal.Revered by the Gormak for their power and fearlessness, vorantiki are often depicted in crudely scrawled pictures found inside Gormak domiciles. Typically the scenes depict a vorantikus devouring a Voss Mystic, or laying wasted to the mountaintop city of Voss-Ka itself, though there is no historical account of any such attack upon the Voss capital.Understanding the vorantikus may be key to understanding the evolutionary “arms race” occurring amongst Voss’s fauna. The planet’s wildlife is far larger, heartier and more aggressive than that of most comparable worlds, and the vorantikus represents an amazingly precise set of “alpha predator” traits. What sort of environment–or unnatural intervention–creates a vorantikus, and what effect does such a creature have on the world around it?

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss