Vine Cat

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X: -846, Y: 1449

Additional information:

UPDATE :You are suppose to get it from a regular mob now ( like Savage Vine Cat . X : -442 ; Y : 802 ) .
You get this codex for killing a Champion named mob called Sharpclaw (click to see loot drops and location).


We would like to thank to smoqy1 and Yunikorn for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

The heavily armored, sharp-toothed vine cat can pounce up to eight meters and has been known to tear a sleen apart in less than ten seconds. Its armored frill and hide protect it against larger predators such as the jurgoran, and its claws make it an expert climber when it needs to get away. The vine cat was introduced to Dromund Kaas by the early Sith from the dark forest world of Ziost and is responsible for wiping out three of Dromund Kaas’s native herbivorous species to date.

key facts
Level: 13
Planet: Dromund Kaas