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X: -351, Y: 1617

Additional information:

[REPUBLIC] At Belsavis :Voracious Belsavis Varactyl is what I killed for this entry around -351, 1617.
Another location: High Security Section, X:-140, Y:1438.

[EMPIRE] At Taris :You can get the entry at Taris by killing Prowling Varactyl in the ponds/lakes in the Republic Resettlement Zone, around X:-1352, Y:411

We would like to thank Dias Flac, Anduni, Grozbok and Helifax for additional informations.

Original Game Codex Text

Originating on the planet Utapau, where they were trained and used extensively as mounts, the varactyl has become a popular mode of non-mechanized transportation across the galaxy. As a result, the reptavian creatures have thrived on a great many worlds, both as mounts and in the wild.The most famous varactyl-rider, Hrosus the Swift, was able to coax his mount to phenomenal speeds, once beating a swoop bike in a head-to-head race. This same speed makes varactyl formidable opponents; although they can be peaceful, loving creatures when among creatures they view as friendly, they are highly territorial and viciously protect their nests from aggressors.

key facts
Level: 32
Planet: Taris, Belsavis