Underworld Influences

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Additional information:

You’ll get this codex entry after completing the daily Heroic 2+ Buying Loyalty.

Underworld Influences lore the only way to get it is to have the droid destroy the spice in place on the daily heroic mission (the light side choice). You don’t get it if you take the spice to the original quest giver and have him watch you destroy it, or in any other cases. Keep in mind, having the droid destroy it grants Light points.

We would like to thank Simon and Adora for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Ord Mantell was once considered a vital supply depot for the Republic military, but the discovery of new hyperspace lanes virtually eradicated the need to route fleets through the planet’s local star cluster. The ordnance engineers and military families formerly occupying the planet transferred to distant outposts, and Ord Mantell was abandoned to farmers.The old military-grade spaceports were never decommissioned, however, and it didn’t take long for private interests to take them over. In addition to corporations like Czerka, less savory factions from the galactic underworld set up shop. Small-time criminal gangs took advantage of the planet’s lack of strong Republic oversight and became thriving operations.These gangsters and corporations have invested heavily in the world’s government. Many of Ord Mantell’s major political figures are indebted to their corporate and underworld “sponsors,” and although some of these leaders have left office in disgrace, it has not discouraged the wealthy and unscrupulous from purchasing political influence. Other politicians have pledged to clean up corruption–rarely succeeding for long, despite noble intentions.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 9
Planet: Ord Mantell