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X: 2499, Y: 1269

Additional information:

[Republic]: Coruscant – The Codex is located in the Old Galactic Market > Upper Skyline Mall > Ugnaught Workshop.
The entrance to the workshop will be easy to locate, if you’ve opened up the map in this area. It’s right by the Migrant Mechant’s Guild Headquarters.

[Empire]: Hutta – Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors will now be able to receive the “Species: Ugnaught” Codex entry by interacting with the Lore Object next to Rudd in Nemro’s cantina on Hutta. Location is X: -530, Y: 685

Previous Empire Location: As an Empire player (Imperial Agent) I got this codex entry on Hutta when I turned in the quest Subtle Sabotage.

We would like to thank Dreossk , Xinra, silentw and Tu’Shan for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Ugnaughts are small, hardworking humanoids with a knack for mechanical work. Living in close-knit tribes, they are native to the volcanic world Gentes, where they build cunning devices to help them survive Gentes’s inhospitable conditions. Living in Gentes’s thick atmosphere gives Ugnaughts some natural resistance to toxic gases, meaning they can work happily in industrial environments without protection.The Ugnaughts’ small size and impressive technical expertise unfortunately make them prime targets for slavers. The Hutt Cartel alone is responsible for displacing entire Ugnaught tribes, putting them to work in droid factories or to maintain the Hutts’ extravagant palaces.

key facts
Level: 4
Planet: Hutta, Coruscant