Two Revans

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X: 1566, Y: 570

Additional information:

This codex entry is granted upon completion of the mission: “Fates Unsealed”, inside Temple Access, western Yavin 4.

Original Game Codex Text

There has always been a dual nature to the legend of Revan. At his core, is he truly a Jedi or is he Sith? It has been a hotly debated subject among scholars and politicians for centuries. As one might expect, the conclusions reached by those from Republic-aligned worlds often differ from those of an Imperial bent–but not always.Some of the most knowledgeable authorities in the ways of the Force believe that it is right to call Revan a Jedi Knight and it is also right to refer to him as Dark Lord of the Sith. They contend that simultaneously knowing and embracing both the light and dark sides of the Force is possible, and point to Revan as potential proof. However, many of these same authorities also believe that such divided adherence would lead unquestionably to madness.

key facts
Level: 58
Planet: Yavin 4