Trinthan Prowler

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X: 379, Y: 57

Additional information:

Republic: Chem-Basin Ditchlands (just south of miner’s camp) X: 521, Y: 204

Kill Savage Trinithan Prowler.

We would like to thank Dias Flac and Yunikorn for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Cat-like and deadly, the Trinthan prowler originated in the Trinith system before being sold across the galaxy for use as trained hunters and trackers. After a string of incidents where bystanders were badly mauled, the Republic made Trinthan prowler breeding illegal and a large number of the beasts were released into the wild. They can now be found on a great many planets, where their predatory skills have allowed them to thrive feeding on smaller, slower and weaker creatures.

key facts
Level: 36
Planet: Quesh