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Additional information:

Automatically obtained after defeating Torque (3rd boss) in the operation “The Ravagers”.

We would like to thank commanderkeeva for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

It’s been several years since the particularly coarse Wookiee known only as Torque joined the Ravagers in the seas and over the skies of Rishi. Before then, Torque’s natural knack for massaging every last bit of propulsion out of an engine landed him a position as Chief Engineer of a Republic cruiser. But his self-reliant nature and volatile temper led to Torque “reprimanding” his colleagues with the massive spanner he favors.After serving time for battery, Torque left Republic space in search of a crew more befitting his temperament, leading him to Rishi and the Ravagers. The pirates allow Torque to run the engine room just the way he likes: alone. He does have a team of repair droids at the ready when major damage arises, but even they seem to raise his ire. The only droid–or being, for that matter–the Wookiee is known to get along with is BO-55, which Torque programmed himself.

key facts
Level: 60
Planet: Rishi