Tonvarr Pirates

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X: -2329, Y: -946

Original Game Codex Text

Composed of survivors and outcasts from dozens of defunct pirate groups from around the galaxy, the Tonvarr have banded together under a simple Weequay battle principle: “Enter with the best weapons, leave with the best spoils.” Tonvarr raiding parties have struck weapon manufacturing centers, xenotechnology research labs, and even ancient dig sites, gathering the most impressive arsenal of advanced and exotic weapons technologies in the entire galactic underworld.The group’s intelligence gathering abilities are also far beyond the level of other pirate organizations; no one is entirely sure how the Tonvarr have the expertise to locate and make use of such a wide variety of complex technologies. It’s possible that their broad knowledge is a side effect of the group’s diverse membership: raiders from many different species have been spotted among the Tonvarr ranks.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Unknown Planet