Tomb Raiders

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X: -78, Y: 29

Additional information:

I got this Codex entry for finishing and turning in the quest Imperial Edict at Sergeant Rikel on Korriban.

As of patch 2.10 (9/9/2014): Datapad located on Tomb Of Ajunta Pall – Upper level (the one that comes out to the academy) Locaton -78, 29 (cursor).

We would like to thank DaduHulk for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The ancient Sith tombs of Korriban have long been a target of raiders and treasure seekers with dreams of valuable plunder. While many are the minions and hirelings of Sith Lords hoping to lay their hands on powerful relics, others are daring fortune hunters who come from offworld and risk conflict with the Sith.Individual pirates and rogues occasionally arrive stowed away on ships, but a more organized group led by an eccentric underworld figure has infiltrated shipments of slaves sent to the red planet. Once on the surface, the “slaves” sneak into the tombs; few ever leave Korriban, but those who survive are paid handsomely for their trouble.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 1
Planet: Korriban