The Wilds

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Additional information:

The location is when you get off the Taxi to The Wilds, the minute your feet touch the ground, you will get The Wilds Codex Entry.

We would like to thank Baalthazar for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

When the Sith discovered Dromund Kaas, it was an untamed jungle world, uninhabited by any sentient species. Over centuries, gleaming and orderly Imperial cities have spread to cover most of the planet, but stretches of harsh, untamed wilderness remain. Populated by violent predators such as the gundark and jurgoran, the wilds separate Kaas City from its spaceport and are best navigated at a safe distance, by speeder, rather than on foot.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 10
Planet: Dromund Kaas