The Three

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X: 324 Y: -141 Z: 297
Datapad on the second bench from south in front of the Tower of Phrophecy .

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Original Game Codex Text

Many outsiders believe that the Voss are directly governed by their Mystics; an understandable mistake, given the Mystics’ importance. In fact, the Mystics’ visions are first interpreted, then conveyed to the Three–the secular governing body based in Voss-Ka, who base their executive orders upon the visions’ interpretations.The Three are chosen by Mystics after meditation or according to visions, but have little direct contact with the Mystics on a day-to-day basis. Working from the Tower of Prophecy, the Three administer Voss-Ka, make policy decisions and coordinate the endless war against the Gormak.Depending on the advice of the Mystics, appointment to the Three can last a lifetime or just hours. The current members of the Three are the calm, authoritative Sonn-Vi; Gunta-Mer, who was chosen by the Mystics only weeks ago; and Nen-Ji, the longest-serving member, who has been part of the Three since childhood.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss