The Step of Harmony

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X: 72, Y: 343

Additional information:

Located in the southeast of Voss-Ka.

We would like to thank Olavi for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

Many offworld visitors have commented on the lovely view from a certain long platform in Voss-Ka that stretches out over the mountain. Few realize that this platform, the Step of Harmony, is the Voss’s method of handling individuals unable to abide by Voss’s simple laws–the violently deranged or the truly heretical. Those who commit particularly grievous offenses “take the Step of Harmony” by being cast over the edge of the mountain.Despite its grim purpose, the Voss do not view the Step of Harmony as a place of execution. To the Voss, deviant behavior is a result of being “wrong-minded”; removing such people from the city is a positive act that restores order. The Step of Harmony also serves as a powerful symbol, emphasizing that, to the Voss, there is no greater punishment than being permanently expelled from Voss-Ka… whatever route the offender takes.

key facts
Level: 44
Planet: Voss