The Shadow Arsenal (Agent)

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Toward the end of the Great War, Republic Special Forces Colonel Laren Omas–one of the key figures behind the Republic’s weapons research projects–assembled a team of the galaxy’s greatest scientists. Together, they would do what no single scientist could: design a weapon capable of turning back the Imperial threat.The scientists, led by Doctor Nasan Godera, were initially skeptical. But Omas had worked with many of them before, and over the course of weeks the group developed a plan. They would build a “Shadow Arsenal” of interplanetary missiles, each armed with a cloaking device and a warhead of continent-shaking power. The Shadow Arsenal would be the ultimate deterrent–a weapon impossible to defend against and too powerful to ignore.The group began falling apart long before work was completed. Colonel Omas’s death on Hoth was the final blow, and the scientists went their respective ways–save for Doctor Godera. Godera stubbornly continued, secretly building the arsenal on Quesh until, faced with the finished product, even he realized its destructive potential went too far.The Shadow Arsenal was an indiscriminate, catastrophic weapon. It would kill millions of civilians along with its intended targets, and this was not something Godera could abide. His future weapons would be different–built to imprison, to guard or to selectively target.Thus, the Shadow Arsenal was abandoned. Until now.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Class: Imperial Agent
Level: 40
Planet: Unknown Planet