The Sarlacc

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X: -1398, Y: -2032

Additional information:

The Dune Sea, The Sarlacc Pit.

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Original Game Codex Text

Extremely rare creatures that defy classification, semi-sentient sarlaccs have been identified on a handful of worlds scattered across the galaxy. Xenobiologists estimate the lifespan of an average sarlacc to be anywhere from 20,000 to 50,000 years, with virtually all of that time being spent at a single location.Sarlaccs typically bury themselves deep below the ground so that only their great mouths are exposed, making them virtually invulnerable to standard weapons. The mouth resembles a massive pit lined with spiny protrusions. From the center, long tentacles can lash out to grasp prey near the edges of the pit, dragging it down into the creature’s stomach where the unfortunate victim is slowly digested. Victims may survive for a period of weeks or months, kept alive by the sarlacc’s unique stomach fluids, but total digestion can take centuries.

key facts
Level: 24
Planet: Tatooine