The Sacking of Coruscant

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X: -1137, Y: -4067

Additional information:

After speaking to Anitol Rosspar and taking the quest Crisis in Galactic City you will discover codex entry.

Original Game Codex Text

A pivotal moment in recent galactic history, the Sacking of Coruscant was a swift and merciless attack on the Republic capital that began with an offer of peace. The Sith Empire, having fought the Republic for decades since its surprise return, suddenly contacted the Republic Senate to propose a treaty. Although the Republic was suspicious, the war had stretched its capabilities and resources to a breaking point. Peace seemed the only hope of survival.Diplomats from both sides traveled to Alderaan to discuss the treaty, but the Empire was already making its move. An Imperial fleet descended on Coruscant and launched a massive orbital bombardment against the city. As the Sith Lord Darth Malgus marched into the Jedi Temple, other Imperial forces captured the Senate tower. The entire planet was effectively held hostage.Knowing that “peace negotiations” were over, the Supreme Chancellor reluctantly signed the Treaty of Coruscant, dictated by the Empire. Although years of uneasy peace have followed, the Sacking of Coruscant remains a vivid and painful memory for the Republic; for the Empire, one of its greatest victories.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 11
Planet: Coruscant