The Rift Alliance (Consular)

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The Rift Alliance is a group of powerful worlds united by their shared protests at Republic “incompetence” and their threat to secede. Losing any one of these planets would be a catastrophe for the Republic; losing all of them could cause the Republic’s collapse.Rift Alliance member Alauni represents Saleucami, the Republic’s most powerful trade hub in the Outer Rim, while Aeten Two–Diab Duin’s world–produces vital ores and crystals for Republic fleet construction. As tensions with the Empire rise, supplies of the healing fluid kolto from Manaan–Shuuru’s world–have become indispensible. The planet Erigorm, represented by Augin Blaesus, has recorded and administrated the Republic’s finances for centuries; its secession could destroy the Republic’s financial markets.Not all members of the Rift Alliance are hostile toward the Republic, however. Tai Cordan, a member of Balmorra’s exiled government, claims to be seeking powerful allies to help his home. Senator Tobas Grell and his daughter Nadia, newcomers representing the planet Sarkhai, appear to have joined out of curiosity.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Class: Jedi Consular
Level: 40
Planet: Unknown Planet