The Republic’s Alien Allies

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X: -446, Y: -696

Additional information:

This is located behind a rock.

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Original Game Codex Text

The renewed war with the Empire and the fight for Corellia brought the Republic to the brink, prompting it to call on a variety of allies and member worlds. Now the battle on Ilum and the chance the Empire may gain the massive advantage of a stealth fleet have reaffirmed the need for wide support. Duros, Talz, Ongree and Wookiee shock troops have all lent their soldiers, munitions and fleets to the fight. More unusual is the presence of Kaleesh mercenaries; these masked, highly skilled warriors have come to the fiercest battleground in the galaxy seeking honor and glory.Ordinarily, keeping such diverse forces working together would be a challenge. But the harsh conditions on Ilum, the furious onslaught from the Empire and the knowledge of the consequences of defeat have served to unify the Republic’s forces and kept disagreements to a minimum.

key facts
Level: 50
Planet: Ilum