The Republic Navy

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Additional information:

You can obtain this codex after defeating the final boss in the flashpoint Boarding Party.

We would like to thank commanderkeeva for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

From its humble beginnings twenty thousand years ago as a fleet of Duros scout ships and repurposed Coruscanti trade vessels, the Republic Navy has grown into one of the most formidable armed forces in the galaxy. Under the authority of the Senate, the Republic Navy has been involved in almost every major military action in the Republic’s history. However, centuries of simple peacekeeping duties took their toll when the Empire began the Great War. The Republic Navy’s losses–particularly over the Hoth system–have forced it to scale down patrols in the Outer Rim and outlying systems.Today, the Republic Navy relies heavily on its Thranta-class corvettes, flexible and deadly warships that are usually deployed in small battle groups and stocked with squadrons of Republic fighters. But the greatest strength of the Republic Navy lies in its Valor-class cruisers, enormous capital ships capable of taking on an Imperial dreadnought. Due to the massive investment of resources and crewmen, Valor-class vessels are normally held back to the Core Worlds.

key facts
Faction: Empire
Level: 30
Planet: Unknown Planet