The Legislature

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X: 2377, Y: -1905

Additional information:

x: 2377 y: -1905 z:223 [Capitol Square]

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Original Game Codex Text

The exquisitely expensive Legislature building houses the council, the current ruling body of Corellia. Throughout the planet’s experiments with different government systems over the ages, the Legislature has alternately been a house of parliament, a corporate boardroom and a royal council chamber–usually being renamed each time. Regardless of the form the government has taken, it has always kept the spirited, unrestrained flair Corellia is known for.Centuries ago, during a passionate debate about subsector zoning bypass regulations, Councilor Brecourl angrily challenged his opposition, Chairman Durand, to a duel in front of all in attendance. Durand won the duel over the hotheaded Brecourl, and the occasion is famously remembered as the only time someone was killed on the floor of the Legislature.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia