The Jedi Entity

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Additional information:

Codex is obtainable since 31/3/14. It is granted when you complete a bonus mission in Taral V flashpoint (where you destroy the prototype weapons at the console of the last boss).

We would like to thank metalas for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Jedi Code teaches “there is no death; there is the Force.” Some powerful Force-sensitives emerge from nothingness after their demise, appearing as ghostly figures that can communicate with the living. Among the Sith, such apparitions are fearsome spirits who refuse to accept their natural end; their peaceful Jedi counterparts are rare, reluctantly deferring their rest and reaching out to the living only when dreadful events are imminent. The Jedi entity’s warnings, therefore, are taken very seriously by the Jedi Order.Master Oteg has tried to discover the Jedi entity’s name during their conversations, but her answers have been cryptic at best; clearly she views the freeing of her imprisoned ally to be more important than filling gaps in the Jedi Archives. The Jedi entity’s manner of speaking and some of her references to historical events, however, suggest that she served as a general in the Jedi Civil War. When asked how she came to die, the Jedi entity’s response has been blunt, saying only: “The betrayer always strikes with the best of intentions.”

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 30
Planet: Unknown Planet