The Hutt Cartel Alliance

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Additional information:

[Republic only]: Automatically granted after finishing Makeb’s storyline and talking with Supreme Chancellor Saresh on Keylander Station.

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Original Game Codex Text

The Hutt Cartel’s wealthiest and most influential leaders were abandoned to die with the planet Makeb when their paranoid ally Toborro accused them of plotting behind his back. To save themselves, these Hutts signed a binding treaty that made them official Republic allies. The Hutt Cartel is now obligated to lend its considerable resources to the Republic’s cause.This alliance has been met with skepticism and outright hostility by the Cartel’s lesser members, none of whom were endangered by events on Makeb and therefore had no reason to accept the treaty’s terms. How these rancorous Cartel members will respond to Republic demands remains to be seen. In the meantime, the famous Hutt scientist Doctor Oggurobb now works as an official liaison between the Republic and Cartel leaders–a position he finds annoying in the extreme.

key facts
Faction: Republic
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb