The Green Jedi

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X: 3774, Y: -1535

Additional information:

It´s at X:3774 Y:-1535 Z:204 government district, green jedi territory.

We would like to thank Empio and Ash for additional information and Shariff for sending us the screenshots .

Original Game Codex Text

Corellia’s sworn protectors, the Green Jedi, comprise an elite and reclusive group with only loose ties to the main Jedi Order. Green Jedi place their allegiance to Corellia above the Republic, refusing to be drawn away from their homeworld and wearing green robes to symbolize their devotion to the ancient Corellian flag. For this reason, the Jedi Council considers the group unreliable and potentially suspect. Regardless, the Green Jedi are a formidable foe to the Empire.Although few in number, the Green Jedi are working closely with their planet’s CorSec defenders to disrupt Imperial war efforts. Led by Master Arfan Ramos, these warriors operate within a nigh-impenetrable enclave that has already survived multiple Imperial attacks. Some speculate that without the Green Jedi, Corellia would have fallen already.

key facts
Level: 48
Planet: Corellia