The Deep Cradle (Consular)

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Additional information:

U get this codex after success full mission ‘Deep Cradle , Dark Heart’.

We would like to thank to Sean for additional information .

Original Game Codex Text

“All that is Voss comes from Voss,” run the words of an ancient Voss creation myth. According to tradition, the ruin known as the Deep Cradle marks the site where the Voss were born from the substance of the planet itself. Later stories tell of how one Voss returned to the Deep Cradle and drank from the fire at the planet’s heart; he knew he would perish, but that his sacrifice was necessary for the greater good. His prophetic dying words are said to have guided the ancient Voss safely through the wilderness, until they discovered the mountain where Voss-Ka now stands.The altars of the Deep Cradle, meditated upon by potential Mystics, reflect these myths. The Altar of Life celebrates the existence and survival of the Voss despite all odds. The Altar of Death represents the irrevocability of one’s actions. Finally, the Altar of Duty stands for both the ability to choose, and the responsibility that comes with choosing correctly.

key facts
Class: Jedi Consular
Level: 44
Planet: Voss