The Avesta Family

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X: -4104, Y: -1609

Additional information:

As of patch 2.10 (9/9/2014): Codex is fixed. Interact with plaque by the door to Avesta home at Westwater Settlements, where you fight the hovertanks. Cursor (X: -4104, Y: -1609).

We would like to thank DaduHulk and JediWarrior for additional information.

Original Game Codex Text

The Avesta family legacy stretches back to Makeb’s founding centuries ago, when a refugee starship crash-landed on the planet. The earliest Avestas were hardy merchant explorers who established a series of profitable settlements across their new homeworld. Eventually, the family created the Avesta Mining Corporation and led Makeb’s Business Council in negotiating successful trade partnerships with the Republic and Hutt Cartel.When the InterStellar Regulators’ mercenaries betrayed Makeb’s leaders and aided the Hutt Cartel’s takeover, most of the Avesta family evacuated offworld. A handful remained to resist the Hutts: Shalim Avesta organizes a rebellion and enlists the Republic’s aid, while his younger brother Pollus actively leads armed fighters to retake key positions. Their niece, stridently anti-mining geophysicist Lemda Avesta, had been a family embarrassment until this crisis made her knowledge invaluable to discovering the source of Makeb’s groundquakes.

key facts
Level: 1
Planet: Makeb